Battery storage will compensate for the intermittency of wind power

Energy storage solution eases wind-power input to grid

ABB has commissioned the first of a new type of dynamic power-control system with energy storage.

The ABB DynaPeaQ installation will alter the energy profile and regulate the power flow to compensate for the intermittence of wind power.

The system is based on ABB’s established SVC Light system for reactive power compensation, and also includes eight stacks of 13 Saft lithium-ion battery modules housed in a 25m2 building. The modules will be continually charged and discharged, and can store up to 200kWh of electrical energy.

The technical significance of DynaPeaQ is that it enables dynamic control of active as well as reactive power, independently of each other. It is connected to the grid through a phase reactor and a power transformer. Having both capacitors and batteries, it can control reactive power to maintain grid voltage and stability and also level out fluctuations in the supply of active power to the network.

Peter Lang from UK Power Networks’ Future Networks team said the Hemsby installation’s effectiveness will be monitored in collaboration with the University of Durham. “This solution could potentially be replicated across many coastal parts of the UK where wind farms connect to the electricity network,” he added.

“DynaPeaQ is an innovative technology that advances the integration of renewable power generation,” said Martin Gross, head of ABB’s Grid Systems business. “It can play a useful role in the development of more flexible, reliable and smarter grids.”

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