FP3 next-generation chip key to greater capacity, higher data speeds and lower power consumption

Alcatel-Lucent unveils 400Gbps network processor

Alcatel-Lucent have hailed their new next-generation 400G chip as a “significant innovation” in IP networking.

The company unveiled their new FP3 routing chip this week, which they claim will “deliver aggressive power specs” and allow customers to get “huge performance from current platforms”.

“It’s a pretty impressive product and gives us a lot of flexibility in terms of growing and building our business in the future,” said Basil Alwan, president of Alcatel-Lucent’s IP division and head of networks strategy.

“It’s an engineering achievement.”

Described as “faster, smarter, greener”, the chip has a high data speed speed of 400G (Gigabytes per second), requires up to 50 per cent less power than equivalent chips in use today and allows greater capacity by taking up 30 per cent less space within a service provider’s premises.

“This is the key to unlock a new world of online communications,” said Ben Verwaayen, Alcatel-Lucent CEO.

“It’s easy to think the internet of today does all it will ever be capable of, but we have scarcely scratched the surface of its potential.

“This chip creates tremendous potential, not just in terms of technology, but in terms of how people connect and interact with each other.”

Telcoms operators including BT and Verizon welcomed the chip’s arrival which they said would allow customers to access innovative new online services.

“We see no end to our customers’ insatiable demand for bandwidth,” said Karl Penaluna, President of Global Networks and Computing Infrastructure at BT.

“As cloud-based services emerge and rich multimedia services proliferate, this type of technology can help us provide the best quality of service at even higher speeds.”

The FP3 processor was developed by Alcatel-Lucent’s IP Division and was demonstrated for the first time in the company’s labs this week.

Alcatel-Lucent plans to ship the chip commercially in 2012.

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