White House unveils new cybersecurity legislative proposal

U.S. fights hack attacks with cybersecurity proposal

The White House will unveil a new cybersecurity legislative proposal aimed to protect U.S. computers from hacking attacks.

The cybersecurity measure is the result of over two years of work and officials hope it will help to protect the U.S. economy.

"By introducing the first major cybersecurity legislative proposal for any administration, we are demonstrating President Obama's commitment to addressing complex and systemic national vulnerabilities that place the American people and economy at risk," the official said.

"Our nation cannot fully defend against these threats unless certain parts of cybersecurity law are updated."

U.S. computers have long been subject to hacking attacks, many of them believed to have originated in China.

Improving cybersecurity, critical infrastructure, and the federal government's own networks and computers will be the focus of the legislation.

"Our proposal strikes a critical balance between strengthening security, preserving privacy and civil liberties protections, and fostering continued economic growth," the official said.

The Obama administration would like Congress to enact a cybersecurity bill this year.

The White House said it looks forward to a broader discussion that Congress will hold with industry, privacy advocates and the wider community.

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