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Two-thirds of subsea firms look for skilled people not graduates

Two-thirds of subsea firms are looking for experienced and skilled people rather than new recruits, a survey shows.

Subsea UK’s survey found that over 90 per cent of subsea companies were forecasting growth in the next five years with 96 per cent reporting that this growth was, or would be, internationally focussed.

“What is alarming in the findings is that two-thirds of firms are looking for experienced and skilled people rather than taking on new recruits and developing them,” said Alistair Birnie, chief executive of Subsea UK, the industry body that represents the subsea sector.

“This is not sustainable and will only result in pushing up prices and reducing our competitiveness.”

Birnie told E & T Magazine’s latest issue that only a few years ago the subsea sector faced an acute skills shortage which not only constrained growth, but also caused costs to significantly rise.

“After very challenging economic times, the industry is once more climbing the growth curve, but if the UK sector is to continue to lead the way around the world and be competitive, we must close the skills gap and not wait until we are all dipping into a limited pool of resources,” he says in E & T Magazine’s feature, Power skills in short supply.

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