Raleigh volunteers making a difference.

Raleigh launches bursary scheme to help young people volunteer abroad

Raleigh International has launched a bursary award scheme offering young people the chance to take part in a life-changing expedition abroad.

The Raleigh Bursary Award is available to 100 people aged 17 -24 who can demonstrate that, without the funding, they would not be able to afford this opportunity. This gives young people the chance to enhance their employability skills.

Volunteers must have a sense of adventure and want to make a difference, not only to their lives but to others too. A Raleigh expedition combines community and environmental work in remote communities with a challenging adventure phase. It is a focused training and development programme that challenges participants physically and mentally, and teaches them to work in teams with people from different countries and socio-economic backgrounds to learn the value of volunteering.

For more information head to the Raleigh Bursary Award website

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