FT microchannel reactor technology to be used in Brazilian biofuels production

Microchannel technology to be used in biofuels production

Microchannel reactor technology developed by an Oxford-based research group is to be deployed in a Brazilian biofuels plant.

This follows the successful operation of the technology in a 1 barrel per day (bbl/d) biomass-to-liquids demonstration and pilot plant at the gasification facility in Güssing, Austria.

The technology of the Oxford Catalysts Group will be deployed in a 50 bbl/d BTL plant in Brazil which is expected to begin operating early next year.

The Brazilian plant, a joint venture between the Portuguese incorporated company SGC Energia (SGCE) and an un-named partner, will use similar technology to that used in Güssing.

Two commercial scale FT microchannel reactors for use in the plant will be supplied by Velocys, the US-based member of the UK-based Oxford Catalysts Group.

The first of the reactors was delivered by Velocys to SGCE in March this year.

SGCE has now placed an order with Velocys for a second reactor and together they will be integrated into a single skid before being transported to Brazil.

The SGCE order represents the second order Velocys has received for its FT microchannel reactors.

Velocys is also working closely with a number of other prospective partners to develop the use of microchannel FT technology for the small scale distributed production of liquid fuels from a variety of waste feedstocks (XTL) via the FT reaction.

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