Olympus SZ-30MR


Improve your swing on the golf course, watch Freesat on the beach, or listen to the radio in the shower – just don’t get the wrong gadget with the wrong location

Olympus SZ-30MR

The world’s first camera to simultaneously capture 16 megapixel still images and 1080p Full HD movies. The multitasking doesn’t end there – with powerful “Dual Engine TruePic III” processors meaning you can also shoot in two different movie modes at once (wide angle and close-up simultaneously, for instance, or filtered and original). The 30MR also shoots two images to create a composite 3D photo, as well as featuring a 24x wide-angle optical zoom lens, Eye-Fi wi-fi-running wireless memory card compatibility and nine frames-per-second continuous shooting. The end result is a multi-talented compact camera, at a good value price.

www.olympus.co.uk £300

TaylorMade R11

The most adjustable golf driver in existence? Combining two existing TaylorMade customisation options with the new “Adjustable Sole Plate” (ASP) tech means the R11 can be tweaked into 48 different combinations. ASP allows adjustment of the face angle by up to two degrees in either direction, independent of the shaft. This is added on top of existing Flight Control Technology that lets you angle the club head by two degrees either way in relation to the shaft and Movable Weight Technology that lets you change the weight distribution of the head, with modular weight cartridges. TaylorMade expect the R11 to become the most-used driver on the PGA and European Tour this year.

www.taylormadegolf.eu from £329

Samsung NaviBot Silencio

As the name suggests, the new NaviBot Silencio robotic vacuum cleaner is quieter than its predecessors, at 62dB. But that’s not its only improvement over the original NaviBot (or its robotic rivals). There are more sensors (39 now), a smarter “Visionary Mapping System” that photographs the room 30 times a second for a map of obstacles – meaning that it now covers 90 per cent of a floor while a random path rival will have only covered 67 per cent, and more modes (seven now) to cope with a wider variety of floors, with new accessories to match (hard floor cloth, pet haircare comb etc.). It’ll still work out where stairs and drops are, but can also be programmed with a Virtual Guard to avoid wet floors, open fires etc.

www.samsung.com from £500

H2O Shower Powered Radio

The world’s first FM radio powered by a patented water-flow micro-turbine, with the entire unit mounted in-line with your shower. Its makers, who were involved in the original commercial arm of Freeplay (the company behind the wind-up radio), say the radio will work with 99.9 per cent of household showers. The H2O is, of course, waterproof – rated to IP44 – and features an internal rechargeable battery, so you can keep listening after you’ve turned off the water. Although, you may want to leave the shower on to drown out the less-than dulcet tones of Chris Moyles!

www.tangogroup.net £35

Philips Fidelio SoundSphere DS9800

Philips’ already used these oddball speakers to power a traditional hi-fi, now they’re coming to an iPod dock. The “free floating” tweeters are designed to sit above the angled drivers – for a supposedly deeper and wider sound field, with less interference. The end result is pricey for an iPod dock ‑ probably pricier than the Arcam rCube and the Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air. And like its rivals, it features wi-fi and Apple AirPlay streaming of digital files (including album artwork, track names etc.) from iTunes on a computer, iPad, iPhone etc. But is the sound and visual design quality worth the extra price?

www.philips.com €800 (out June)

EchoStar SlingLoaded Freesat+ HDS-600RS

Take two gadgets into the shower? This is the world’s first cut-and-shut of a Freesat+ digital video recorder with a SlingLoaded TV anywhere system. Simply record from over 150 Freesat+ channels (including high-def ones) onto the 500GB hard drive, then “sling” the program across the Internet to wherever you are. SlingPlayer Mobile means programmes you have recorded at home on the EchoStar can then be streamed and watched, over the Internet, from your home broadband to your hotel wi-fi, and onto your smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer screen. Now there’s no reason to feel lost, lonely and bereft of Coronation Street updates when you’re on a beach in Barbados.

www.johnlewis.com £349

Motorola ATRIX

The world’s most powerful smartphone? One of a wave of dual-core processor smartphones hitting the streets, the ATRIX throws on top 1GB of RAM, 540 x 960 4” “qHD” screen and 4G connectivity (where available). As if that’s not enough, throw on high-def 720p (and coming soon 1080p) video capture, Android 2.2 OS and mobile hotspot service. It’s probably the most powerful smartphone on paper right now, but be warned, its key rival the LG Optimus 2X beat it in a recent benchmark shootout, despite having only half the RAM, due to having a lower-resolution screen.

www.motorola.com around £500 SIM-free

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