London Mayor Boris Johnson with electric vehicles

Electric car scheme launches in London

The first city-wide electric charge point network in London has been launched by Mayor of London Boris Johnson.

The scheme has 150 new charge points allowing electric vehicles to charge up an unlimited number of times for an annual membership of £100.

The Source London network plans to have at least 1,300 charge points by 2013 - more than the number of petrol stations currently in London.

"I want to rapidly accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles and make London the epicentre of electric driving in Europe," said Mayor of London Boris Johnson.

"Increasing numbers of motorists are opting for cleaner, greener electric transport, delivering a host of benefits to the driver including a 100 per cent congestion charge discount.

"This is set to deliver considerable environmental benefits to our city."

The creation of an electric vehicle network is in line with the Mayor’s pledge to promote quality of life by reducing pollution and CO2 emissions, with London already leading the way with the highest number of electric vehicles and charge points in the UK.

It is sponsored by Source London, a growing consortium led by TfL including public and private sector partners.

The consortium says it wants the capital to embrace electric driving in greater numbers, and to ensure that the infrastructure is in place for them to buy the vehicles.

Electric vehicles do not produce polluting emissions at the tailpipe, while running costs are significantly cheaper than for petrol or diesel vehicles which currently use fuel retailing at well over £1 per litre.

""Source London is a significant element of our work to support the Mayor’s aim to make this city the electric vehicle capital of Europe," said Leon Daniels, Managing Director of Surface Transport for TfL.

"The new network is destined to increase the number of electric vehicles and give drivers the confidence to use their electric vehicles across the capital."

Further information:

Owners of electric vehicles can register online for Source London

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