'The Story of Electricity' will be screened on the BBC later this year

BBC to broadcast series on history of electricity

The BBC plans to broadcast a new series exploring the history of electricity later this year.

'The Story of Electricity' will be screened  later this year as part of the BBC Science Unit's drive to engage new, broader audiences in science.

Presented by nuclear physicist Professor Jim Al-Kalili, the series will draw on archives from the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) to look at the history and development of electricity.

It will also explore "the idea of power and ACDC - the story with Edison," according to BBC Head of Science Andrew Cohen.

The BBC has recently created a buzz science with its four-part series 'Wonders of the Universe', presented by popular physicist Professor Brian Cox, which attracted an average audience of around 3.7 million - "unprecedented for a science programme about the universe," Cohen noted.

Cohen also told E&T in an exclusive interview that while it is not part of the BBC's job to supplement science education, the Science Unit wants "to get science knowledge to a broad audience".

"The best way to educate is to be entertaining. To impart knowledge you have to be engaging," he added.

New series are also planned of 'Wonders', 'Bang' and BBC's flagship science programme 'Horizon', which will soon celebrate its 50th anniversary.

Other programmes to be screened soon include Professor Marcus du Sautoy's 'The Code' and a new blockbuster 'Planet Dinosaur'.

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