The cockpit voice recorder recovered from the Air France plane.

Air France cockpit voice recorder recovered

The cockpit voice recorder of the Air France plane that crashed into the Atlantic in 2009 has been recovered.

The deep-sea discovery of the instrument comes just days after investigators found the plane's memory unit. This means both pieces critical in helping to determine the cause of the crash have now been recovered.

The plane's flight data recorder was recovered on Sunday. It was found by a submarine probing 3,900m below the ocean's surface. The condition of the instruments was not immediately clear.

Like the memory unit, the cockpit voice recorder was lifted on to the Ile de Sein, a ship helping to carry out the investigation, the agency statement said.

Investigators hope the discoveries will allow them to determine what caused the crash of Flight 447 from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to Paris on June 1, 2009.

The aircraft slammed into the Atlantic north-east of Brazil after running into an intense high-altitude thunderstorm.

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