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Revision - is there an app for that?

There may not be many revision apps aimed specifically at engineering or tech undergrads, however there are some more general revision apps that can help you make the most of your revision time and help you keep calm. 

RevisionAid – Free

Great tool if you are having trouble remembering the facts. Create your own quiz, use the QA builder to build text or multiple choice questions and use the Quiz Me section to take your quiz in random order. Great app, great price!

ibluesky – £5.99

Hold that thought. ibluesky is a mind-mapping app, which is fantastic for learning complex information. You can brainstorm and note down numerous ideas using this application. Export using most mind-map formats including Freemind, OPML and PDF. Very user friendly with great functionality and constantly updated.

Exam Buddy - £1.19

Exam Buddy contains five applications for organising and maximising your revision. It enables you to create your own fully editable notebook. You can highlight text to make key points stand out or even 'grey out' text to test your knowledge. Create as many prompt cards as you require and then use the quiz cards section to test yourself. There's also an audit recording facility which is great for creating memo notes and a timetable facility to manage your study time.

SQA My Study Plan – Free

Need to organise you revision time? This app creates your own personal study plan that you can customise however you choose. Set your preferred study period, prioritise your topics then set the times that you want to revise and this application will automatically create your own personal study plan.

Exam Busting Tips - £1.79

An ebook that does exactly what it says on the cover. An exhaustive app with all the tips and help you need to stay calm, retain your sanity and pass that exam!

istudyalarm – 59p

Study tips, break ideas, exam tips and ideas to motivate yourself. This app has everything you need to manage your study time effectively with alarms sounding for set revision and break times (these can be set to vibrate if you are in quiet area). It also comes with studying tips and 'brain friendly' break ideas. Also included are a variety of study timetables to mange your time and it comes at a manageable price!

Idea Sketch – Free

Idea Sketch lets you draw a diagram, mind-map, flow chart or concept map and convert it to a text outline and vise versa. You can even upload diagrams onto your Facebook. Simply enter your text and move the boxes around – no drawing required. Simple and easy to use.

Enhance Learning and Revision -  £2.99

A hypnotherapy app, yes you did read that right! This app gives you the drive to be more motivated and the ability to learn and retain more information. With numerous tracks including 'Will I get stuck in a trance?' and 'Will I loose control?' this app should help you relax and feel more confident throughout the exam period.

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