eggPlant software testing tool to crack China too

London tech company granted US patent for new interface tool

A new automated software testing tool eggPlant provides an 'innovative' solution to testing applications remotely.

eggPlant is a robotic software testing tool that can be “trained” to view an application as a human eye would by using groundbreaking, intelligent image-recognition algorithms to “see” the screen of the system being tested.

TestPlant says the tool can test software using a fraction of the time and resources and also allows engineers to test applications remotely, meaning they can test software in China from their desks in California.

With the recent launch of the eggPlant mobile testing solution and a new US patent, TestPlant now offers app developers, device manufacturers and network operators an automated answer to the problem of testing software and apps on the full range of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets.

TestPlant is working with UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) to expand its business across the globe, with 70 per cent of its exports to US clients including the US army as well as IT and media corporations.

eggPlant is now in use in more than 20 countries and its application in the defence and security sector has led the company to work with DSO, the defence and security arm of UKTI.

TestPlant joined UKTI on a trade visit to China last year to conduct market research and meet potential partners and clients.

"One of these meetings was with a senior vice-president of the giant Huawei telecoms business," said George Mackintosh, TestPlant's co-founder and chief executive. 

"As a direct result of this, we now have an active project with Huawei’s mobility and smartphone team involving our eggPlant mobile testing solution."

TestPlant is focusing on making inroads into China and is hoping to do the same in India by joining a UKTI-led market visit there.

"UKTI really helped us take our Chinese ambitions forward – we would not have been able to achieve what we have there so immediately or effectively without their support," George said. 

"We keep striving for global growth – after all, software makes the world go round."

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