Simulation will cut costs

Landmark simulation centre set to speed up industrial design

Major aviation, defence and motorsport businesses are backing a state-of-the-art centre set up to develop and demonstrate sophisticated simulation software that will cut the time and cost of product development.

Housing one of the UK’s most powerful high-performance computing clusters, a specialist IT lab and dedicated integration and visualisation labs, the Advanced Simulation Research Centre (ASRC) provides a collaborative environment where designers and engineers from a range of industries can develop the next generation of simulation technologies.

More efficient and powerful software-based design tools will help companies reduce the time they spend making and testing physical prototypes.

The creation of ASRC was overseen by CFMS, an independent, not-for-profit organisation supported by the UK government and backed by member companies including Airbus, BAE Systems, Frazer-Nash Consultancy, MBDA UK, Rolls-Royce and Williams F1.

The Centre was formally opened in March by land speed record breaker and Bloodhound SCC Director Richard Noble.

At the launch, CFMS chairman Nick Buckland said: “This is a significant development for the UK’s engineering and manufacturing sectors. We’re delighted that UK-based firms now have a high-tech facility from which they can develop and test new technologies and processes together before they are deployed.”

ASRC is open to all and is expected to attract a wide range of users, including many from the aerospace, defence, IT, automotive and energy industries.

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