Klimax 2K

iF Awards - Design class of 2011

Alongside the annual CeBit fair in Hannover is the iF awards pavilion, which highlights the best product design from around the world. Here's the pick of the crop...

  1. Among the carbon-framed dream machine road bikes, was this reclining trike with rain cover - the Klimax 2K from Waltrop of Germany. "It was fun to ride and unbelievably fast," said the judges.
  2. Designers at Yamomomo in Japan have taken an ordinary everyday object and rethought it in the prototype Smiley Battery. It's obvious which end is + or - and a selection of colours keep them organised.
  3. Outdo the city traders with their four-screen desktops by installing Samsung's MD230X6 LCD monitor. You'll only need one power outlet but you'll need more graphics drivers.
  4. The YikeBike from New Zealand looks like a meaner penny farthing for the 21st century. It's an electric bike that will fold up to go on the bus or under a desk. Complete with indicators and brake lights.
  5. The NET silicone enclosure from In Win Development of Taiwan converts 2.5in laptop hard-drives into external USB drives. "A well thought-out product that brightens and enriches your day," said the judges.
  6. Ricoh's GXR system is an image sensor and processor in interchangeable lens units that slide onto a magnesium camera body. "Answers technological progress and obsolescence," said the judges.

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