Olympus TG-810


The 'shatterproof' camera, 3D in smaller sizes, tiny things becoming visually huge and the ultimate in all-round aural and visual entertainment. The future is going to be fun...

Olympus TG-810

Not just a tough camera, an extremely tough camera. The TG-810 is: crushproof to 100kg, shockproof to a two metre drop, freeze-proof to -10°C and waterproof to 10m. It comes with a built in manometer, to stop you diving too deep with it, "tap control" so you can work it underwater or with winter gloves on and GPS and compass built-in. It even works out if you're underwater or not and adjusts white balance accordingly, automatically. Camera-wise, this 14 Mega-Pixel shooter sports a 5x optical zoom, 720p High Definition video and ISO up to 1600.

www.olympus.co.uk £270

Arcam AVR400

Home cinema "receivers" rarely double up well as hi-fi amps. Arcam's range has long been the exception – and this AVR400 is their "most affordable" High Definition all-rounder yet. The AVR400 totes seven channels of 90W (into 8 ohms) and 2 channel stereo at 130W, HDMI 1.4a for 3D movies, quality video scaling, but also high-end visual and audio circuitry, designed to tease the best quality out of not just surround sound High Definition movies, but high-end hi-fi components, lossless digital audio files (via USB or over network) and even iPods (optional Arcam rDock required). In other words, it will handle stereo music and video from all sorts of sources impeccably.

www.arcam.co.uk £1,700

LG Optimus 3D

The "world's first full 3D smartphone", the Optimus 3D's big trick is the 3D is viewable glasses-free. The parallax barrier 4.3" 800 x 480 WVGA display works with a layer of slits to ensure each eye sees different pixels. That means you have to keep phone and head fairly still to get the best out of the tech. The Optimus 3D also comes with two cameras on the back – letting you shoot 3D stills, 3D video at 720p high definition, or 2D video at up to 1080p – and with 3D YouTube and 3D games built-in, plus 3D HDMI out to a suitable TV. To cope with all the multimedia, the Optimus 3D features a dual-core, dual-channel 1GHz chip, 4GB of RAM and 8GB of storage.


Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

The original Samsung Galaxy Tab wasn't a strange concept, and a run-away success. The 7" Android tablet/phone sat halfway between an iPhone and an iPad in terms of screen size and use. Now the company has announced a sequel, gunning directly for Apple's newly-announced iPad 2. The 10.1" 1280 x 800 tablet features stereo speakers, Android 3.0 and 8 Mega-Pixel rear-facing camera, combined with a 2MP front-facing one. How does it stack against iPad 2? It's thicker (10.9mm v 8.8mm), will have fewer apps and is likely pricier, but with better camera and display. The price and Apple's stunning range of apps will most likely make the iPad 2 the winner.


Sony Bloggie 3D MHS-FS3

3D video comes to Flip-style simple palm-size camcorders. The Sony Bloggie 3D features twin lenses for shooting in 3D at Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution. There's also two mics, for stereo sound pick-up (although you're not going to get vastly different results in each considering how small the unit is!). The Bloggie 3D features a fast-becoming obligatory glasses-free small back-screen, 3D HDMI out and 8GB of internal memory. There is, as is standard with these simple, palm-sized camcorders, no zoom. And don't expect high-end visual or sound quality. But for its portability, Sony is presumably presuming this will make 3D filming fun and immediate.

www.sony.co.uk £250

Mini Microscope for iPhone 4

A tiny clip-on gizmo that turns your iPhone 4 into a portable microscope. The attachment features a 60x optical zoom lens backed with three white LEDs to cast better illumination on the subject. One of the LEDs will even help verify watermarks too, although pulling out a microscope every time you get handed a dodgy-looking note might be a bit socially awkward! Once attached, the Microscope runs through your iPhone's standard lens and camera app – in other words, don't expect miracles of sharpness, and probably best results will come from shooting objects that aren't moving around fast.

www.firebox.com £30

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