Prince William and Kate Middleton at engagement photo call

Enjoy Royal Wedding with our technology say tech firms

Tech companies are urging us to use their products to enjoy the Royal Wedding in ways that may seem tenuous to some.

The E&T inbox has been inundated with curious press releases about the best gadgets to follow the nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton, which cynics might call endemic of the desperation of businesses across the country to cash in on the celebrations.

Here is a selection of the best:

- Hackers are using the Royal Wedding as a revenue generating opportunity, says data security firm Imperva.

Their recent poll reveals a 38 per cent of security professionals have witnessed the nuptials being used for malvertising, 34 per cent have seen wedding related spam and 20 per cent incidents of search engine poisoning.

“Everyone loves a good wedding and it appears hackers are no different," says Imperva’s CTO Amichai Shulman.

- PCTV Systems says that even those escaping the Royal Wedding to go on holiday can change their mind and watch it in real time on their mobile devices.

Its Broadway 2T allows you to redirect your home TV and personal video content to your iPhone, iPad, netbook, notebook or Mac computer anywhere in the world.

"There is no need to miss Kate’s big moment of saying “I do”, PCTV says, even if you are "in Paris on a romantic getaway or in the Maldives on your honeymoon!"

- Astrium brings another dimension to the Royal Wedding and gives surfers the opportunity to watch the route of the royal cortege in high-res 3D.

The EADS company has mapped out the route to showcase its new 3D mapping service Skape from its GEO-Information Services division, which combines high resolution 3D textured city models with 2D mapping and terrain data – a technological first, it claims.

Go to the Astrium website to "follow the royal route with Astrium's flythrough".

- Say 'iDo' and download the Royal Wedding app from the Android App Market, where you can "track the progress of the happy couple across the entire day".

The iDO: London's Royal Wedding app uses GPS and mapping technology to show the position of the couple, and even your own current position if you happen to be one of the lucky few hundred wedding guests.

Every user who downloads iDo: Follow London's Royal Wedding is automatically entered in a free prize-draw to win an extremely limited print of artist Katherine Baxter's map of the Royal Wedding - signed by the artist herself.

- Londoners moaning about strikes, delays and signal failure on the Tube can enjoy a new side to their daily commute with a special commemorative Oyster card bearing an image of the happy couple.

The limited edition contactless smart card can be used on all London TfL services during the public event, and contactless smart card maker ASK say they are confident the card "will for sure become a collector card and be kept a souvenir by visitors that will attend the ceremony". 

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