Cintel's latest ditto Evolution scanner

Cintel prepares path beyond film restoration

Long-established specialist sees its new repair tool providing a base for all-digital flows.

UK scanning and restoration specialist Cintel International launched its new digital tool imageMill2 Origin at the NABshow.

Origin fixes dust and scratches within 2k and HD files in the DPX format in faster than real time. In addition to building the company’s product range, it is a significant addition to Cintel’s range as it will help the company evolve beyond its traditional position in film restoration.

Today, the company’s equipment is much in demand as rights owners create new masters of their libraries for sale to the growing number of HD TV channels and for release via Blu-ray Disc, online download stores and streaming video. It is also being used to archive historic footage by organisations such as Istituto Luce, the Italian film institute.

However, Cintel recognizes that the restoration, repair and enhancement of entirely digital files will become an increasing part of its business as the industry transitions more and more to digital cameras.

“This is the kind of work that gives us a foundation in the algorithms that are going to be needed to operate within entirely digital workflows,” said business development manager Simon Clark.

Cintel is nevertheless continuing to develop its film-based products. The latest version of its diTTo evolution film scanner can capture 2k resolution at speeds of at up to 11fps and 4k at up to 7.5fps.

The scanner works by manipulating the light source to capture the original film image that lies beneath a scratch or other damage on a print.

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