Women make up just a fifth of all employees in IT industry

A recruitment specialist has launched a campaign calling for more women to consider a career in IT after government research revealed that women make up only a fifth of all employees in the sector.

The IT Job Board want to champion female talent and encourage more diversity in the IT workforce after their own research revealed that just 16 per cent of all jobseekers in the industry are women.

Managing director of The IT Job Board Alex Farrell said: “There is a serious lack of women working in the IT sector, but what are the reasons behind this?”

“As the backbone of business, IT can be a competitive and stressful environment to work in, with long hours that perhaps don't fit in with the needs of raising a family. “However, I believe that companies need to focus on creating more diverse workforces, and to help women build and develop careers in IT.”

She added that part of the reason could be due to the sector's male-dominated environment and that a prejudice existed where men are seen as more proficient in the IT workplace.

The company’s research backs up the findings of the government-funded report “The Gender Pay Gap” by the Women and Equality Unit, which also highlighted that girls aged between 11-15 years old “disengage” from IT subjects.

Farrell said: “I truly believe that the whole issue does stem back to childhood. Rather than sit and wait for things to improve, the sector needs to do more now to attract the female talent of the future.”

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