New prize to help the future of UK manufacturing

New international prize to help give manufacturing a 'brighter future'

A new international engineering prize to make the profession ‘desirable’ again has been announced by the Government.

The Government said it was seeking to promote a new international prize in engineering and was working with private sector partners to create an endowment to support the prize. The aim of the prize was to “make engineering a desirable profession again, where young people aspire to be great engineers”.

“The Government believes that an international prize, as prestigious as the Nobel Prize, based in the UK could help to create the excitement that would help give British manufacturing a brighter future,” it said in the document.

The Royal Academy of Engineering welcomed the prize, and said it hoped it would “inspire a renaissance of engineering achievement, which is essential to create sustainable economic growth”.

Lord Browne of Madingley, President of the Royal Academy of Engineering said only through engineering “will the great challenges of our age be met, such as secure supplies of water, food and energy for all and addressing the threat of global warming”.

“The creative engineering effort going into solving these problems is bound to generate worthy future winners of the new prize.”

Dr Tony Whitehead, Director of Governance and Policy at the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) said: “The IET is delighted by this initiative to enhance the profile of engineering in the UK around the world and we welcome and support the Government’s action in taking an international lead. We look forward to contributing to the successful introduction of the prize in due course.”

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