Canon DSLR 1100


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Canon DSLR 1100

A 12MP sensor, nine-point autofocus and 720p HD movies is a great feature list for the money – and simple menus puncture the usual SLR jargon for newbies.

£419 (available April)

LG ST600 Internet enabler

Get a Smart TV without stumping up for a new set. The ST600 is a smart box that hooks via HDMI to any TV, giving you the apps without the high upgrade cost.
Price tba (under £100)

Griffin CarTrip

A tiny Bluetooth dongle that wirelessly connects your car's engine with your iPhone. Log and track usage data socu as fuel consumption, acceleration rate and average trip distance to get a picture of how clean, green and mean your driving is. And also get much smarter information on any dashboard warning lights.

This tiny dongle sticks into your car's OBD-II port (mandatory on all cars since the 1990s), and provides wireless diagnosics and logging right to your iPhone via Bluetooth. The CleanDrive app then logs long-term car data – fuel consumption, acceleration, trip averages etc. to let you improve your car usage – in terms of fuel efficiency and environmental impact. The CarTrip also taps into the deeper diagnostic codes from a car's engine, so you can more quickly and accurately check what any warning light on the dashboard actually means under the bonnet. The idea being that you end up driving smarter, better and safer.


Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air

Striking in looks and sound, the Zeppelin was one of the classiest iPhone/iPod docking hi-fis around; now it's even better. With new Apple AirPlay compatibility, this wirelessly streams music (and album artwork, song info etc.) from computers or any iDevice – making it an iPod dock you don't need to dock to.

The most stylish and one of the best-sounding iPhone/iPod docking hi-fis on the market just got smarter. By adding new Apple AirPlay compatibility, the Zeppelin Air can wirelessly stream audio directly from computer or iDevice, complete with track information, album artwork etc. carried across from iTunes, via wi-fi. In other words, the Zeppelin Air is now an iPod dock you don't actually need to dock your iPod too to use. If you've got room and budget for more than one, multiple Zeppelin Airs can be chained together to form a multiroom system – with all playing the same track simultaneously.


LG ST600 Smart TV Upgrader

Get a Smart TV without having to pay for an entirely new gogglebox. Smart TVs are the next big thing – adding broadband access and apps such as YouTube, Facebook and web-surfing to standard sofa-surfing. The ST600 is a smart box that hooks, via HDMI, to any dumb TV, giving you the apps without the high upgrade cost.

Smart TVs are the next big thing – and potentially far more likely to take off than 3D TVs. Smart TVs add broadband access and apps to standard goggleboxes – allowing sofa-surfers to surf, watch YouTube and update Facebook and Twitter etc. The catch? Of course, you have to buy a whole new TV to get access to the apps. Except, you don't. The LG ST600 adds a smart box to any dumb old TV (as long as it has an HDMI input) – so you can enjoy surfing your sofa without paying for a new telly. It'll stream stored content wirelessly from a computer too.

LG Optimus Pad

Hot on the heels of their world's first 3D smartphone, here comes the world's first tablet with dual-camera 3D capture. Two 5MP cameras shoot stills or 720p high-def video too in 3D. Shame then, that the screen isn't a glasses-free 3D screen – so 3D footage has to be output to a 3D TV, or seen wearing red/green retro specs.
LG have followed their announcement of the world's first 3D smartphone with the Optimus Pad, the world's first tablet with dual-camera for 3D video and still image capture. 

Sadly, unlike its smartphone, LG's 8.9" tablet doesn't feature a glasses-free 3D screen. Instead, you need to don those retro red/green shades to watch any 3D images you've grabbed. But with each individual camera capable of shooting 720p high-def movies and/or 5MP stills, combined together you've got a sharp, high-definition 3D shooter. The 1,280 x 768 display means this is smaller than an iPad, and the nVidia Tegra 2 chipset means it runs fast too.

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