Derby train site is working flat out

Bombardier Transportation's Derby site is hitting new production records.

By the end of this month, over 100 cars will have been manufactured by the site, on five active production lines. If all these cars were placed nose to tail the trains would cover a distance of 2 kilometres.

The Derby site is currently producing trains for Transport for London's Underground system: MOVIA metro cars for the Victoria and SubSurface Lines, Class 379 Electrostars for National Express East Anglia and Class 172 Turbostar diesel units for Chiltern and London Midland.

Whilst production is currently at a peak, all but the SubSurface Lines contract will be complete by the year end. Bombardier is seeking to secure new work for the site and says it is "eagerly awaiting announcements to be made about key UK rail projects".

The Department for Transport is expected to name the preferred bidder for Thameslink rolling stock shortly. If no announcement is made within the next week it will have to be deferred until after the six-week 'purdah' leading up to the local elections on 5 May.

A Bombardier spokesman told E&T that the company is also in discussions with potential customers outside the UK. Most of South Africa's Gautrain Electrostar trains were assembled locally from kits produced in Derby.

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