Apogee Mike and Jam recording devices

Apogee introduces Mike a USB microphone for iPad

Apogee Electronics has unveiled Mike, a USB microphone and the latest addition to its suite of recording hardware for iPad, iPhone 4 and Apple Mac computers.

The 4” tall USB microphone has been designed for the recording of vocals and acoustic instruments and is intended for use with Apple’s Garageband software, included with every Mac computer since 2005 and now also available as an App for iPad 2.

Mike features Apogee’s PureDIGITAL technology for optimum sound quality. It has a volume wheel on one side to control gain and a multicolour LED on the front for status indication and input level monitoring. A desktop stand and mic clip are also included.

Besides GarageBand, Mike will also work with any Mac recording software as a standard USB microphone, operating via plug and play: no drivers or additional configuration is required.

Betty Bennett, CEO and Co-founder of Apogee Electronics, said, “Since the success of the built-in microphone in ONE [Apogee’s one-channel microphone and music interface], we have been looking forward to creating a great-sounding mic for the iPad. With Mike, GarageBand and an iPad, customers can record vocals and acoustic instruments with their iOS devices anytime, anywhere, and sound fantastic.”

Mike follows Apogee’s announcement earlier this month of Jam, its guitar input device for iPad, iPhone 4, iPod touch (3G and 4G only) and Mac computers.

Made in the USA, Jam has the same Apogee PureDIGITAL technology as Mike. A control wheel is on one side to adjust input levels, with up to 40dB of gain, and a multicolour LED is on the front of the device for status indication and input level monitoring.

Analog to digital conversion is 44.1kHz, 24-bit. Although not yet confirmed, it seems likely that Mike will feature similar A/D conversion. Jam also has a built-in Soft Limit to avoid digital clipping from too-hot signals.

Like Mike, Jam is optimised for use with GarageBand, but will also work with any Core Audio compatible application on a Mac. 

Jam is currently featured in Apple’s demonstration videos for iPad 2 and GarageBand for iPad.

Pricing and availability for Mike have yet to be confirmed. Jam is slated to be available during March 2011, its price estimated at $99.

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