New swipe and pay moible phone service coming to UK.

Smartphone signalling traffic tackled

Tools cut the impact of excessive network signalling from smartphones.

Mobile networks face a 'double whammy' from the increasing use of smartphones: along with rapidly increasing data traffic, many smartphones and the apps that run on them create large amounts of signalling traffic as they poll servers for updated information, such as new mail. This can overwhelm the signalling capacity of the cellular network, denying other users service.

Natasha Tamaskar, vice president of product marketing at GENBAND, said the new tools can act as a 'man in the middle' between the handset and the radio access network, responding to signalling requests from the handset so it remains connected but forwarding fewer of the requests in order to reduce the overall signalling load.

The GENBAND Mobile Edge Optimization Suite is an enhancement to the company's P Series of traffic and policy-management solutions.

“Our Mobile Edge Optimization Suite enables service providers to accurately identify and characterise mobile devices with potential signaling overload,” said Tamaskar. “Through a more intuitive and nuanced TPM approach, we can significantly reduce CapEx/OpEx for core network elements, increase network robustness and improve the quality of experience for users."

The company says its new tool is transparent to radio network controllers and service gateway support nodes.

The packet-inspection capabilities of the tool can also be used to reduce the impact of rising data demand by enabling operators to run content caching in the network, and to adapt streaming media data to match the capabilities of the target device

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