Governance regains central role in IT security

Governance is playing an increasingly important part of information security within enterprises.

A report conducted by the IT Governance Institute (ITGI), research affiliate of industry association ISACA, finds that just over 33 per cent of respondent enterprises have some governance activities in place, with the most common being the use of IT policies and standards, followed by the employment of defined and managed IT processes.

‘Global Status Report on the Governance of Enterprise IT (GEIT) 2011’ also highlights the return to importance of IT in the overall management process, as 70 per cent of respondents to the ISACA survey indicated that the head of IT in their organisation is also a member of the senior management team.

Frequently stated reasons  for IT not being on the senior management team are that ‘IT is a support function’ – 32 per cent – and that ‘IT is adequately represented by another member of the senior executive team’ – also 32 per cent.

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