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E&T's aspects of engineering photography competition

E&T invites its readers to submit photographs that capture the unseen aspects of engineering for a competition launched by After All columnist Vitali Vitaliev.

The concept behind the competition is for engineers to take a photo of a machine, installation, gadget or contraption that they work with every day, but from an unusual angle, such that other engineers might not immediately recognise it.

Submissions should contain hidden answers to two questions: what the photo is of and what kind of engineer the creator is. The photos featured at the head of this page are examples of the type of image invited for this competition.

Photos (format, jpeg; resolution, 300 dpi; file size, up to 10 mb) should be sent to vvitaliev@theiet.org.

The judging panel will select the best and the most mysterious photo, which will be published in a future edition of E&T.

Readers will then be invited to send in their guesses as to what the photos are of and what the engineer’s principle job is.

Prizes will be available, the first of which will be a 4 Dane-Elec MyDitto networked storage device which can be attached to a router.

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