easyJet is trialing a nano-technology coating on its aircrafts

easyJet tests nano-technology for fuel efficiency

easyJet is trialing a nano-technology coating on its aircrafts to reduce drag and increase fuel efficiency.

The ultra-thin coating, already used on US military aircraft, is a polymer that cross links and bonds to the paint surface. The coating adds only four ounces in weight.

The airline said the coating reduces the build up of debris on the aircraft's structure, leading edge and other surfaces, therefore reducing drag on the surface of the aircraft. The manufacturers of the coating estimate that it could reduce easyJet's fuel consumption by 1-2 per cent.

easyJet said it has coated eight aircraft with the technology and will compare their fuel consumption with the rest of the fleet during a 12-month trial period.

Chief executive Carolyn McCall said efficiency was in the airline’s DNA. “If we can find new ways of reducing the amount of fuel used by our aircraft we can pass the benefits onto our passengers by offering them low fares and a lower carbon footprint.”

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