Call for secure sockets prompts new MK brand

Wiring device and accessory manufacturer MK Electric says that demand from its customers for protection in harsh environments is behind the decision to replace its Masterseal range with an even more robust package of sockets, switches and enclosures.

Masterseal Plus has been developed for use outdoors and indoors where wiring devices and accessories are at risk from penetration by dust or water. An ingress protection rating of IP66 means it is dust-tight as well as protecting against high pressure water jets from all directions. Applications could include factories, laboratories, swimming pools and changing rooms, commercial kitchens, industrial units, warehouses and clean rooms.

MK claims ‘Plus’ sockets are unique in that they can be used with virtually any standard 13A plug. For safety, there is an IEC 3mm minimum gap across the switch break; while all standard sockets feature MK’s three-pin operated child resistant shutter system, designed to inhibit access to the electricity supply unless all three pins of a standard British 13A plug are in position.

The 90-strong Masterseal Plus range is manufactured in the UK using recycled polycarbonate, sourced from waste material collected from other manufacturing processes.

At the same time, MK has also introduced alternatives for less demanding applications where a good degree of ingress protection is required, but not to the high specification of an IP66 rated product. MK Shield is rated to IP56 and suitable for use in stadia, small to medium-sized commercial premises, arcades, parks and for operating appliances such as vending machines and larger gardening equipment. MK Splashguard – rated IP55 –is designed for occasional domestic use such as with garden equipment.

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