Autodesk adds Inventor support to mobile and Web tool

CAD specialist Autodesk has updated its free cloud-based software AutoCAD WS with eight new languages and support for 2D Inventor DWG files.

AutoCAD WS allows users to share, view and edit designs either via a Web browser or on an Apple iPhone or iPad. Drawing creation is not supported, but files can be imported from AutoCAD and elsewhere and then accessed remotely. Changes made via AutoCAD WS are immediately fed back to the stored file.

Autodesk said that Inventor users who publish models as DWG files can now upload them to AutoCAD WS for production, presentation or review. As well as support for DWG layouts, the iOS app has gained a new copy/paste tool, a brush tool, support for Imperial units, and improved markup capabilities.

The company added that, as well as US English, the AutoCAD WS mobile app is available in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German and Italian.

Files are shared via Amazon's S3 cloud storage service, and can be downloaded for local use or opened via the online Web version of AutoCAD WS.

The aim is to make drawing data more widely available, including outside the office, said Autodesk. “AutoCAD WS is literally changing the way architects, engineers and designers work,” added Tal Weiss, the company's R&D site manager.

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