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3DTV coming to Freesat and Freeview

Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) - the digital TV industry standards body has approved a 3D TV standard paving the way for future Freeview and Freesat 3D broadcasts.

In theory, this would mean that existing HD set top boxes will be able to receive the 3D signal with just a simple software patch as the new specification is designed to work over existing HD television transmission infrastructures to deliver 3DTV. But specialised 3DTV capable television sets will be needed for consumers to receive stereoscopic content.

3D television works by delivering two images (left and right) that are arranged to be seen simultaneously, or near simultaneously, by the left and right eyes. Viewers perceive increased depth in the picture, which becomes more like the natural binocular viewing experience.

Since 2010 many 3DTV capable consumer products have been launched in the market. British Sky Broadcasting has been transmitting 3D sports, movie and drama content since the beginning of last year.

However, there are still no firm plans by UK broadcasters to start transmitting in 3D.

The new standard was ratified on the 17th of February at a steering board meeting. The DVB-3DTV will now be submitted to the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) for formal standardisation.

BlueBook A154 ‘Frame Compatible Plano-Stereoscopic 3DTV’, (DVB-3DTV) has been published and is available for downloading from the DVB website.


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