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Security spend resilience due to changing endpoint IT

The value of the enterprise network and data security market is set to exceed $10bn by 2016.

The segment, which includes secure routers, unified threat management (UTM) appliances, firewalls, virtual private networks (VPN), intrusion detection/prevention systems (IDS/IPS), and network access control (NAC), showed 'remarkable resilience and spending recovery' in 2010, according to a study from market-watcher ABI Research, to register 11 per cent growth to more than $6bn.

Enterprise security needs have intensified due to a growing diversity of threats, many of which result from changes in enterprise information systems and access technologies. Determinant technologies include: increasing complexity of enterprise networks; greater use of Cloud Computing services; more endpoints such as smartphones and media tablets connecting to enterprise networks; connections by business users to consumer Cloud services, and applications such as social networking sites, particularly via mobile devices.

As the functionality of endpoints becomes more complex and diverse, ABI Research says, the risks for enterprise networks have escalated, requiring multi-level security spanning a number of technologies. SMEs, which typically have limited IT resources and budgets, share similar security concerns as large enterprises do, and face comparable threat levels. Information security compliance is fast emerging as a key driver in this end of the market.

"Vendors are responding to the market's needs through portfolio expansion, and by offering multiple delivery models," says ABI Research senior analyst Subha Rama. "Vendors are offering software blades and Cloud-based security services in order to bring down security deployment costs." Such an approach has resonated very well with enterprises, Rama adds: over the last few years, there has been a shift from point solutions to integrated security, and enterprise-wide security policy and implementations.

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