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Report busts Generation Y myth on social media

A new report has busted many myths on young people’s attitudes to social media in the workplace.

Decoding Social Media at Work, a report to be released on Tuesday by strategic consultancy Decode, found that only 31 per cent of 15 to 34-year-olds believed that companies should allow their employees to use social media at work.

High school students were the least likely age group to support social media use at work.

“Most people think that the most digital generation ever will be clamouring to make work all about social media, but in reality Generation Y still wants to separate their personal space from their workplace,” Decode CEO Robert Barnard said.

When it came to employers looking at employees social media activity, 38 per cent of people surveyed did not think employers should do this – 43 per cent of women were against this compared to only 33 per cent of men.

Over 4,500 people from the UK, USA and Canada took part in the research.

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