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27 January Egg Race Competition. Coventry.

17 February IET Annual Dinner. London.


18 January. Appleton Lecture by Dr David Cleevely. Lecture. London.

18 January Wearable Antennas. Lecture. Loughborough.

11 February Sirius Communication Based Train Control. Lecture. Chippenham.


27 January Pitch Your Ideas to Win Funding! Workshop. Dublin.

27 January Siemens SIMATIC PCS 7 ' Maximising Production Through Effective Engineering and Control. Lecture. Stafford.

9 February Bushmills Distillery Tour. Visit. Belfast.


19 January Biometrics with a Forensic Flavour. Lecture. Birmingham.

2 February 3D TV. Lecture. Lincoln.

3 February Digital Media Event. Lecture. Dublin.

7 February Non-Lethal Weapons ' How Not to Kill People. Lecture. Worcester.

17 February Radiation Treatment at Christie Hospital. Lecture. Manchester.


20 January Cloud Computing. Lecture. Dublin.

20 January Futuristic Lie Detector to Fight Smugglers and Terrorists. Lecture. Swansea.

25 January Belfast's Role in 'Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps'. Lecture. Belfast.

1 February An Evening with Donald Knuth ' All Questions Answered. Turing Lecture. London.

3 February An Evening with Donald Knuth ' All Questions Answered. Turing Lecture. Cardiff.

8 February An Evening with Donald Knuth ' All Questions Answered. Turing Lecture. Manchester.

10 February An Evening with Donald Knuth ' All Questions Answered. Turing Lecture. Glasgow.

15 February The Art and Science of Social Computing. Lecture. Belfast.

18 February Optical Sensing. Lecture. Carlow.

22 February MESA model of IT in the Manufacturing Enterprise. Lecture. Manchester.


21 January Bath Abbey. Visit.

3 February The 2004 Tsunami. Lecture. Manchester.

10 February The Manchester Ship Canal ' Past and Present. Lecture. Neston.

15 February The Lunar Society. Lecture. Stone.

23 February Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002. Lecture. Teeside.

23 February Value Management. Seminar. Hong Kong.


19 January CE Marking, Design for Compliance Seminar. Lecture. Capenhurst.

24 January Can You Make Money Whilst Saving the Planet?

Lecture. Plymouth.

25 January Can You Make Money Whilst Saving the Plant? Lecture. Exeter.

25 January Bosch. Visit. Worcester.

1-3 February LogiCon Retail and FMCG Global Logistics and Supply Chain Conference. Amsterdam.

23 February GETRAG Transmissions GmbH. Visit. Halewood.

23 February Auditing Manufacturing Supply Chains. Lecture. Newport.

24 February Draka Ltd. Technical visit. Derby.


24 January Take Control of Your Career. Workshop. Liverpool.

25-27 January Finance and Accounting. Workshop. London.

31 January Goal Directed Project Management. Workshop. Newcastle.

1 February Routes to Professional Registration. Workshop. Stafford.

1 February Making an Impact with your CV. Workshop. Swansea.

8 February New Procedures for Applying for IEng and CEng with the EC. Lecture. Dublin.

8 February Present Around the World. Competition. Nottingham.

8-9 February Essentials of Management .Workshop. London.

15 February Introduction to TRIZ.Workshop. London.

16 February Routes to Registration. Workshop. Birmingham.

16 February Preparing for Professional Registration. Workshop. London.

17 February Mentor Training. Workshop. London.

17 February The Great Egg Race. Competition. Plymouth.

22 February Present Around the World. Competition. Stafford.


25 January Manchester: A Low-Carbon City. Lecture. Manchester.

7 February Bring Wind Power Ashore. Lecture. Bristol.

8 February High Voltage DC ' North Sea Link. Lecture. Cardiff.

8-9 February Connecting Renewable Energy to the Grid. Conference. London.

15-17 February 17th Edition Electrical Regulations. Course. London.

17 February Smartgrids ' A Solution for 21st Century Power Systems. Lecture. Manchester.

23 February City & Guilds 2382-10 GOLA. Exam. London.


20 January Electric Cars. Lecture. Bath.

25 January Electric vehicles as the Future of Personal Transportation ' Fact or Fiction? Lecture. Barnstable.

25 January Metropolis Project. Lecture. Dublin.

1 February Developments in Lifeboat Design. Lecture. Shrewsbury.

2 February Electric Vehicles as the Future of Personal Transportation ' Fact or Fiction? Lecture. Exeter.

3 February Aircraft Displays ' Gears to HD LCD. Lecture. Cheltenham.

8 February Electric Propulsion for Warships. Lecture. Swindon.

10 February London Bus iBus Project. Lecture. Dorset.

10 February Upgrading the Chiltern Line. Lecture. Loughborough.

15 February Driverless Car Testing. Lecture. Bath.

15 February The Tornado Steam Locomotive ' the First Year in Service. Lecture. Derby.

17 February Rolls-Royce and Heritage Trust. Visit. Bristol.

17 February The Rail Industry ' Innovators of Safety? Lecture. Swansea.

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