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IT bosses shun outsourcing sweat in-house skills

IT leaders are under pressure to deliver commercial growth but admit they lack the skills and resources to deliver on those demands.

Recruitment firm Modis surveyed IT leaders about their departments’ functions and resources: 64 per cent report that the demand on their teams ‘far outweighs their ability to deliver’. Examples of the more commercial demands on the enterprise IT function include analysis of customer information for business acquisition, and identifying supply chain efficiencies and new growth areas.

Seventy per cent of respondents to the Modis survey, however, agree that training current staff ‘will be their priority’ in plugging the skills gap, rather than recruitment, suggesting that IT leaders lack the resources to invest in new in-house talent. Despite this just 15 per cent would consider outsourcing IT, preferring instead to sweat existing staff resources, and keep activity in-house.

Fifty-one per cent admit that their teams need ‘greater technical expertise with current systems’ to be able to support their businesses with its commercial goals, while a third 34 per cent admit their teams ‘do not have the right expertise to cope with new systems’.

“The trend for IT specialism is only set to grow. There has to be recognition at the highest level that investment in talent is needed,” says Modis International managing director Jim Albert.

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