New fighter helmet that connects to plane

Fighter pilot helmet to connect to plane's brain

A new helmet for Eurofighter Typhoon pilots now enables them to look, lock-on and fire by connecting to a plane’s brain.

The helmet, which is wired into the brains of the plane, allows the fast-jet pilots to lock on to targets with just a look and a voice-command. It also enables them to ‘see’ an enemy aircraft through the body of the plane.

This ‘look and shoot’ capability, married to a super-wide field of view gives the Typhoon pilot a 24 hour all-weather field of vision.

The helmet system, designed by BAE Systems, works by having a number of fixed sensors around the cockpit area.

As the pilot moves their head, the sensors on the helmet move in relation to the sensors on the aircraft ensuring the aircraft knows exactly where and what the pilot is looking at.

Imagery projected onto the pilot’s visor gives, amongst other information, speed, heading and height – and it also gives the precise position of any enemy aircraft or missiles.

The new helmet system was expected to go into service with the UK’s Royal Air Force this year.

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