Shanghai maglev

Beijing maglev line will open within three years

Construction of a maglev line starts this month in Beijing, with train services due to start in 2013.

The line will use low and medium speed magnetic levitation technology, according to Chinese media reports.

China's first maglev line, the Shanghai airport link, opened in 2004. It was built using German technology from the Transrapid consortium and provides high-speed train services between Shanghai's international airport and the outskirts of the city, where passengers can transfer to and from the metro system.

Beijing's new S1 line, by contrast, will be a 10.2km urban service running between the Mentougou and Shijingshan districts. The municipal authorities are also proposing two new subway lines as part of a wider overall plan for development of the city's western districts.

Residents living close to the maglev route have previously expressed concerns about radiation exposure - fears that have been dismissed by experts in the field.

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