IT jobs rise

2010 saw 'confidence return to IT jobs market'

Recruitment agency CV Screen has reported that a 'significant rise' in the number of registered IT vacancies occurred during 2010.

Comparing the number of registered vacancies during the first half of 2010 against the total number of registered vacancies during the second half of the year, CV Screen found that overall the number of registered vacancies had increased by 10 per cent.

During the same period, CV Screen also found that the average number of CVs received for each job advertised rose from 194 to 210, a rise of around 8 per cent.

"2010 was a real turning point for the IT jobs market - we were hopeful that the economic climate would improve over the course of the year, and the figures show that this has indeed been the case," commented CV Screen director Matthew Iveson. "The end of the recession in January 2010 brought renewed confidence among employers: many who were previously cautious with regards to their recruitment policy have started to employ more IT staff [as they] invest in their IT departments."

Also, IT professionals wary of moving jobs have moved out of their comfort zones, Iveson believes, while adding that in 2011 he anticipates that inflation and VAT increases will all contribute to "a lot of movement in the IT jobs market in 2011": "With wage inflation still fairly static candidates should consider their commuting costs, roles which offer home working, and ideally some training to compensate for the fact that many organisations are still not able to offer pay increases," he warns.

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