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MSI to unveil fastest laptop ever at CES Las Vegas

MSI will be displaying its new generation of notebook creations from 6-9 January at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the USA. Worth noting, MSI will be showing the GT680 - the fastest notebook computer on the planet.

The top end GT680 was proclaimed the 'fastest notebook on the planet' when tested with PC MARK Vantage tools. It attained a speed of 18,162 points. It has the fastest operating system in the world, performing some three times faster than the average speed of high end gaming books currently on the market - claims MSI.

The laptop features Intel's latest four core CPU, nVidia GeForce's newest generation high end discrete graphics card, and four DDR3 memory slots expandable to 16GB of memory. It also supports accelerated dual hard disk architecture, which not only doubles storage capacity, but also kicks up read-write speed by approximately 70 percent.

The company says that the laptop uses MSI's own TDE+ (Turbo Drive Engine+ technology) which allows both the CPU and GPU to turbo simultaneously. One touch of the luminescent Turbo hot key located above the keyboard throttles up performance.

MSI will also be unveiling its WindPads, its newest generation tablets with Win-Tel and Android platforms. These two tablets come equipped with a G-Sensor gravity detecting device, an ALS light sensor, and Wi-Fi.

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