Christmas wreath with electronic components

Christmas wreath for geeks

It's the perfect seasonal welcoming decoration for a techie's festive celebration - a wreath made from obsolete computer junk.

Ashley Allen, from Wilmington North Carolina, USA, wanted to come up with something suitably nerdy for her office's decorations during the holidays. One quick loan of her husband's power saw later - whilst he, appropriately, watched the complete run of Matt Smith's first season as Dr Who - and the IT Department at the Wilmington branch of Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Realty, were greeted by, a suitably geeky, ornamental ring.

All the parts are recycled from old computer parts, including Ashley's previous sound-card from back in 1999. The whole thing was done in two hours. Quick enough for Ashley to join her husband and catch the final throes of Matt Smith saving the universe in the Dr Who season finale.

Both the Timelord and her newfound hobby have, it seems, inspired Ashley to try her hand at ambitious future projects. ... She said: "It was so much fun and the reaction has been amazing. I am thinking of making a monster or a robot next. I may even make a T.A.R.D.I.S!"

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