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Arty lamp mixes spoons, LEDs and laser welding

Top British craftsmen and engineers have joined forces to create a highly unusual - and expensive - hanging lamp made from spoons, LEDs and diamonds.

The Orb pendant lamp was the brainchild of London-based jeweller Nick Fitch. It was constructed from 738 serving spoons, some of them diamond-studded, and 600 LEDs. Assembling the spoons into 15 concentric layers, and then into a spherical lamp, required several months and over 30,000 precision laser welds.

Among the British-based engineers and manufacturers involved in the project were cutlery and silverware maker Arthur Price, which supplied the stainless steel spoons from its Inspiration range, fastener manufacturer The Tenable Screw Company, and Carr’s Welding Technologies.

"Tenable was pleased and proud to add its skills to this prestigious rapid prototyping project,” said Nigel Schlaefli, the company's commercial director. “This project shows that despite the gradual decline in Britain’s manufacturing sector, there are still good, family owned, leaner, fitter and therefore responsive companies excelling in their specialist fields."

“Laser welding is the 21st century tool for precision welding, whether carrying out over 30,000 individual precision laser welds to 738 spoons or adding metal to worn components,” added Phil Carr, managing director of Carrs Welding. “Carr’s has lasers for various jobs from big construction beams, 15mm thick to small repairs to glasses or intricate parts for shotguns.”

Built by Fitch’s Hatton Garden jewellery and design company, Nicholas James, the Orb lamp is now on sale in Harrods’ Silver Room, with a price tag of £95,000.

Further information:
Orb assembly video

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