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UFWC Eurodollar becomes first eco-coin

The United First World Currency (UFWC) Eurodollar - already famous as an example exhibited by world leaders who are calling for a supranational currency - is becoming the first 100 per cent ecological coin ever minted.

Known as the Eco-Coin, the design and prototype is now complete with one side produced by Luc Luycx - the Royal Belgian Mint coin designer responsible for the common side of all Euro coins. The Royal Mint of Belgium, the Italian State Mint and the German Stuttgart Mint will produce their own versions in a test series. Test minting is going to start next week in Belgium, and production is slated to begin in early December, ready to be presented at the Berlin World Money Fair, January 2011.

Russian President Dimtrij Medvedev and Prime Ministers such as Italian Silvio Berlusconi and Canadian David Harper have all publicly praised the UFWC Eurodollar concept. In July 2009, at the G-8 Summit in Italy Russian President Medvedev illustrated his call for a single worldwide currency by pulling from his pocket a sample of the UFWC coin. U.S. President Barack Obama has received a copy of the coin and an original is on display at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington.

The Eco-Coin design and production was made possible thanks to the joint contribution of European and U.S. organizations, specializing in the recycling of waste materials, whose cutting-edge technologies allow the fusing and linking of different metals and thereby allow mints across the world to achieve significant savings. University departments in Belgium, England, Germany and Italy are involved in the project.

Sandro Sassoli, inventor and UFWC project coordinator - which was developed early in 1996 in collaboration with Arthur Schlesinger Jr., former advisor to President John F. Kennedy - says, "The choice to limit the excessive waste and consumption of raw materials and energy will have a central role in future strategies of the industrial world, and the Eco-Coin, which represents an object of international exchange, is an excellent means of promotion because it will reach a large amount of people everywhere.”

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