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IT jobs market 'shows clear north/south divide'

IT professionals in London and the South East are earning up to 20 per cent more than their counterparts in the North.

A regional analysis of advertised roles during 2010 by IT recruitment agency CV Screen indicates that IT professionals within London and the South East earn higher IT salaries than their counterparts in the rest of the UK.

The report identifies that IT professionals in London on average receive 14 per cent more than the UK average and those in the South East earn 10.1 per cent more. Lower-paying regions include the Midlands where IT professionals earn 4.8 per cent less than the UK average, the North East (6 per cent less), and the North West (6.7 per cent less).

“When we look into the regional variations, it is the South East that sees the greatest change,” says CV Screen managing director Matthew Iveson. “In 2008, salaries in the South East were 3 per cent higher than the UK average; in 2010 it shot up to 10.1 per cent. We have noticed a shift over the last few years where candidates are less inclined to gravitate towards the Capital.”

Iveson adds: “The growth of online recruitment has also made it much easier for candidates to find local employment and with many technology companies choosing to base themselves out of London, there has definitely been a shift in the market. Those earning more in the South of the country do of course have to pay a price for earning a higher wage than their Northern counterparts. It has long been documented that the cost of living in the South (particularly the South East) is much higher than in the North of the country.”

Housing in particular is markedly more expensive and candidates looking to relocate should take this into consideration when deciding where to settle, Iveson concludes: “We are constantly made aware that there is a North/South divide in the UK and our analysis would support this argument. Those in the South East region earn in some instances over 15 per cent more than those in the North. Whereas previously there was a massive difference between London and the North of the country, there is now a much clearer North/South divide as a result of the salaries in the South East rising.”

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