Students 'use campus computers to hack uni' data'

A third of UK students use university computers to launch hack attacks.

Facebook accounts are the most popular overall targets, with 37 per cent of students surveyed naming it as their hack of choice.

A total of 23 per cent of respondents to a survey of 1000 students at eight undisclosed UK universities – five in London, three in Northern England – claim to having attempted at least one hack, with 26 per cent saying they started when they were younger than 16 years-old; however, the majority of those polled – 84 per cent – still feel that hacking is innately ‘wrong’.

The survey by security lifecycle management software firm Tufin, found that most student hackers do it for fun (35 per cent) or out of sheer curiosity (22 per cent); money making is the third highest-rating motivation, followed by a desire to ‘cause disruption’. Only 5 per cent hack for political reasons. The gender divide between self-confessed cyber intruders surveyed is close to 50-50.

“What is concerning is the attitude of many of those surveyed felt that hacking is acceptable, or even to be admired,” commented Association of Chief Police Officers lead on e-crime prevention, deputy chief constable Stuart Hyde. “Hacking personal online accounts [is now happening] regularly among the UK student population.”

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