Single box aims to provide entire branch IT infrastructure

IT consultancy Intergence has developed a virtualised computer system which it claimed can provide everything needed by a remote office or branch site, within a single box.

The pre-configured system, called Hyperforma, combines a full set of software services - including firewall, email, VOIP, office applications and a PBX - running on VMware virtual machines. Intergence CEO Peter Job said that his company has already done all the tasks needed to set-up and test the virtual systems and get them working together.

Job described Hyperforma as “instant IT infrastructure in a single box” and said it could be ideal in industries such as construction, civil engineering, oil and gas, emergency and humanitarian services, and even rock concerts - anywhere that remote, instant IT infrastructure is required. He added that Intergence would offer it as a complete packaged system running on either a normal or ruggedised server.

“We developed Hyperforma to solve the remote office problem for our construction industry customers in the Middle East, where environmental issues can destroy IT infrastructure in weeks,” he said. “But then we realised  that all sorts of other industries have the same problems and challenges, such as the issue of getting the communications and skills on-site, and doing the systems integration.”

He said that Intergence has addressed the comms issue by building in WAN acceleration technology and multiple connectivity routes - including 3G, WiFi and satellite - as standard, and the skills issue by ensuring that the system’s components are mutually compatible and then providing it complete and ready to go.

Job said that Intergence already has hotel and retail customers using Hyperforma devices. “The idea is that a local contractor plugs it in with minimal supervision, and then the central office connects remotely and does the final set-up,” he explained.

“We are selling the equivalent of a packaged rack [of equipment] 10 years ago,” he continued. “We are working on eight-to-one consolidation of physical servers into virtual servers, meaning 55 per cent lower power consumption, 80 percent less space and a 20 per cent saving on operations costs.”

Jobs said that Hyperforma does not require an air conditioned environment, is customisable and provides high-availability via RAID-enabled disk arrays, redundant dual power supplies, and hot-swappable fans and disks. It is available with one, two or four quad-core processors and a minimum of 4GB DDR3 of RAM, and costs from £20,000 per box.

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