Householders use less energy 'but more could be saved'

More than half of householders are using less energy than a year ago in a bid to save money, a survey has suggested.

But the Energy Saving Trust has said that if all Britons took three steps to save energy - insulating their lofts and cavity walls, putting in low energy lightbulbs and turning appliances off standby - it could save more than £2bn on bills.

The Trust estimates that if every UK household that could and had not already done so, took the three steps to cut their energy consumption it could save them money on bills and cut nearly 10 million tonnes of CO2 - the equivalent of taking 3.5 million cars off the road.

The average three-bedroom semi-detached house could save around £145 a year by installing loft insulation and another £110 a year through insulating cavity walls - with the cost of doing both coming to around £250.

Across the country, more than £1bn could be saved through improving insulation, with further savings from energy saving lightbulbs and switching appliances off standby.

Householders who make sure all their lightbulbs, where possible, are low energy lamps can save £25 a year and can cut another £40 off bills by switching appliances such as TVs off standby, the Energy Saving Trust said.

The survey for the Energy Saving Trust found more than a third (36 per cent) said they would consider a home survey to see if renewable energy could be installed in their property and more than two-fifths (42 per cent) said they would pay more to do up their house if it made it more energy efficient.

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