Google adds EC stats to search visualisation tool

Google has expanded its store of public data to include facts and figures about European countries, which can be accessed in 34 different languages and the results presented in graphical forms, such as maps and charts.

The tool is designed to help civil servants, academics and any other individual doing appropriate research to get information quickly and in an easy to digest form.

"In the current economic environment, policymakers, academics and individuals around the world (and particularly in Europe) want to ensure that new rules and regulations are evidence-based," Google's Mary Himinkool wrote in her blog.

The vast wealth of statistics are sourced from EC Directorate-General body Eurostat and include detailed information about member states’ science and technology; environment and energy; industry, trade and services; regions and cities; population and social conditions; transport; economies and finances; and agriculture and fisheries.

The data visualisation service, dubbed Google Public Data Explorer, first went online in March 2010, but was previously limited to sourcing data from various US government bureaus, the World Bank, and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

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