Do your research if you want that job

Don't think you can Google your way into researching the company you're hoping to work for: interviewers want more commitment than that. But where do you go to get the lowdown?

Of course, the Internet will help, as company websites often offer pages covering “About Us”, annual reports and other financial data. There’s also twitter and facebook etc., but these can be very subjective.

All that's for amateurs. There are better ways of finding out about companies and this is where the IET library can help.

Through the IET’s virtual library, IET members worldwide can access a variety of excellent, up-to-date, impartial company information.  Want to know more?

Why not try these resources:

Ebsco databases contain full Datamonitor company profile reports and up to date SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analyses of thousands of companies worldwide. Through Ebsco you might also pick up some “hot off the press” news about a particular company too! 

Key Note market research reports – currently totalling 28 industry-focussed, full text reports (spanning engineering and technology). You will get a good overview of various sectors – e.g. aerospace, CCTV, as well as detailed company profiles of the key players in the field.

Faulkner databases – are you interested in companies in computing or communications? There are thousands of very detailed company profiles (called vendor profiles on this site).  Did you know that Fujitsu reached an agreement in 2010 to combine its mobile handset operations with those of Toshiba?  This is the kind of very specific information you can find out through this useful site.

If you are able to visit the IET library in London you will find helpful industry directories in print. The library is open to everyone as a reference resource – whether you are an IET member or not! So why not pop in?

For example:

KOMPASS register 2010/2011 United Kingdom, Volume 1: products and services; Volume 2: company information; Volume 3: industrial trade names.


Computing mi (market intelligence)

  • IT users directory 2010
  • IT services directory 2010
  • IT software directory 2010.


Kelly's industrial directory 2010 (which just concentrates on the electrical and electronic field)

The IET library can also help you to swot up on the latest information about a particular technology associated with the company you are interested in. Search the library catalogue and take advantage of the free outward postal service (worldwide too!).

A little gem of a site if you want to find out the leading companies in a particular field is Inside Careers - drill down from the sectors to employers and jobs. Fantastic resource at your fingertips!

Finally, don’t forget the IET research service which can help with additional or more in-depth research.

Have fun getting all the data you need!

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