Carrier Ethernet exchange adds four cities

CENX has added presences in London, Hong Kong, Miami and New Jersey to extend the reach of Carrier Ethernet services.

Carrier Ethernet, a standard being developed by the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF), adds definitions of quality of service, reliability, scalability and service management to the standard Ethernet protocol to create a more robust link suitable for connecting over longer distances.

CENX puts equipment in key hosting locations around the world so that Carrier Ethernet service providers can offer connections to customers easily. CENX says that end-users can reach more than 10 million locations through its marketplace.

“The acceptance of CENX has been tremendous, with nine exchanges deployed in less than 12 months,” said Nan Chen, president of CENX. “We believe that this acceptance has been driven by the pent-up demand for  Carrier Ethernet exchange services that support all attributes of Carrier Ethernet, including sophisticated service integration and monitoring as well as carrier neutrality.”

Chen says that the marketplace his exchanges have created enables carriers to compete on the basis of the buildings to which they can offer service. CENX also handles routing between end customer and service provider, avoiding the problem of having to make a direct physical connection with a patch cable in a rack. The CENX equipment can also map between different service definitions, and handle performance monitoring.

Chen says that he chose London for its first European presence because of the size and maturity of the UK Carrier Ethernet market. The Hong Kong exchange provides a gateway to Asia, while the New Jersey exchange offers geographic diversity for New York. The  Miami exchange serves as a gateway between North and South America, linking to Central and Latin American markets.

“The Carrier Ethernet services and transport market is growing very nicely, in good part due to industry acceptance of common definitions promulgated by the MEF, so we believe it is important that Carrier Ethernet exchanges support the same five attributes of Carrier Ethernet defined by the MEF,” said Michael Howard, co-founder and principal analyst at Infonetics Research. “Carrier Ethernet is a global phenomenon for services, transport, and mobile backhaul, so these multi-continental hubs are critical connection points for regional and global Ethernet market growth.”

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