Apprentice or apparatchik? Test your business skills

Armchair entrepreneurs are revelling in the new series of The Apprentice on BBC1. But could you cut it? A test for students from Kingston Uni will reveal whether you’re Lord Sugar or Lord, Stick to the Day Job

Researcher Rosemary Athayde of Kingston’s Small Business Research Centre developed the Attitudes to Enterprise test to try to identify who could build a business.

“The test I’ve developed is really about measuring enterprise potential in young people,” she said. “Being creative and intuitive, showing good leadership skills and having a desire to achieve are all characteristics that show an individual is more likely to set up their own enterprise.”

The test, which has been used in the UK, Australia and South Africa, assesses intuition, creativity, leadership skills and desire to achieve as well as the amount of control they feel they have over their future.

A study of the schools version of the test compared a group of pupils taking part in a Young Enterprise programme with a control group that did not take the programme. The study found that the enterprise programme improved pupils’ attitudes to self employment. Overall the studies revealed that boys, private school pupils and young black people were more positive about self-employment than other groups.

Ms Athayde said: “It’s generally self-confidence that gives pupils that extra enterprise potential but the key point is that the test needs to be seen in the context of pupils’ background and culture.” She hoped the findings would persuade enterprise programme providers and the government to give more thought to how and where enterprise programmes are delivered.

Do you want to take the test? Be our guest!

Take the mini entrepreneurs test here

If strongly disagree = 1 and strongly agree = 7, please assign a numerical value to each of the following statements, according to the degree to which you agree (or not!) 

At the end, add up your total.


The questions

I think I am a very imaginative person. (Remember, choose 1 to 7, where 1 = strong disagreement and 7 = strong agreement)

I am good at getting people to work well together.

Making mistakes is a good way of finding out how to solve a problem.

I work hard to make my projects successful.

I think my future career is largely up to me.

To achieve something worthwhile it is necessary to take risks.

I enjoy lecturers who try out different ways of teaching.

I’m good at motivating my fellow students.

I trust my own instinct when solving problems.

I would be prepared to invest my own money in a venture I believed in.

It is important to plan my future career.

It feels really good when a project works out well.


What it all means

To obtain an overall test score add the scores for all twelve statements. 

Maximum score = 84; minimum score = 12.

IF YOU SCORED 70 OR MORE you are a highly enterprising person. You like thinking up original ideas and you have the motivation and persuasive powers needed to get others involved. You trust your own judgement and are prepared to stand by your beliefs.

IF YOU SCORED BETWEEN 70 AND 55 you can sometimes be enterprising and you have some of the qualities needed to be a successful entrepreneur. However, you don’t yet have the self belief and drive to go all the way.

IF YOU SCORED LESS THAN 55 you probably have all sorts of other qualities, but being enterprising isn’t one of them. Not everyone wants to be or can be an entrepreneur, and let’s face it there is probably only room for one Simon Cowell on the planet.

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