Terpsichorean attitudes reveal male 'mate rating'

Researchers claim to have found potential biomechanical differences between ‘bad’ and ‘good’ male dance moves that may influence heterosexual womens’ perception of signals revealing a man’s reproductive quality.

A study at Northumbria University’s School of Life Sciences used 3D motion-capture technology to record 19 male dancers aged 18-35. Their movements were mapped onto feature-less, white, gender-neutral humanoid avatars, and 35 women rated their boogie-ings without being prejudiced by each guinea pig’s respective physical attractiveness.

The study’s results showed that eight movement variables made the difference between a ‘bad’ and a ‘good’ dancefloor diva: size of movement of the neck, trunk, left shoulder and wrist; variability of movement size of the neck, trunk and left wrist; speed of movement of the right knee.

Female perceptions of good dance quality were influenced most by large and varied movements involving neck and trunk, say project leaders psychologist Dr Nick Neave and researcher Kristofor McCarty.

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