Survey reveals children key to pushing green message

Children are more influential than scientists, politicians and celebrities when it comes to keeping parents up to speed on environmental issues, a report has revealed. According to the study, adults find the "pester power" of their offspring far harder to ignore than the green messages propagated by campaigners.

Meanwhile, many admitted to being less well informed on the subject than their progeny. The study, by energy company EDF, showed 42 per cent of adults admitted to coming under pressure from their children to be more environmentally friendly.

According to the findings, this pressure is starting to have the desired effect. Parents are twice as likely to pay attention to their children than to scientists; three times more likely to take advice from them than from politicians; and ten times more likely to listen to their offspring than to celebrities, the survey suggested.

It also found that a quarter of parents said they would leave the car behind more often on the school run this year. More than a third of these said the decision was a direct result of advice from their children.

Andrew Brown, of EDF Energy, said: "It's encouraging to see that children across Britain are taking such a proactive interest in green issues and the environment, and that parents are making a concerted effort to make changes to their lifestyles as a result."

The ICM online study of 1,000 adults also found 84 per cent of parents said their children knew more about the environmental issues of the day than they did as youngsters.

Polling took place between September 10 and 14.

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